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3D Secure Technology

NymCard offers a fully customizable 3D Secure 2.0 solution to protect you from fraud risk. This will provide your cardholders with a secure payment experience. 

3DS Tech

Use 3D Secure To:

Own The Authentication Experience

Authenticate cardholders using your own mobile app.

Minimize Additional Integration & Cost

Authenticate & authorize on one unified platform without having to manage multiple vendors.

Authorize With Full Visibility

Easily leverage insights from 3D Secure authentication results before authorizing transactions.

Reduce Customer Drop-off

Leverage a frictionless flow so you don’t need extra verification from cardholders on every transaction.

Authentication Methods:


Biometric finger print


Face Recognition


Voice recognition

How NymCards nCore Platform supports 3DS authentication

Step 1:

Shopping Website

Cardholder Begins Checkout

A cardholder enters their payment information at checkout & merchant makes request to card network to apply 3D Secure.


Step 2:

NymCards nCore Platform

Authentication Decision

NymCard receives the request from the card network and makes authentication decision using pre-configurated rules or gateway call.


Step 3:

Your Mobile App

Cardholder Authenticated

If additional verification is required, NymCard prompts the mobile app to authenticate cardholder using fingerprint OTP/facial recognition, etc.


Step 4:

Notification Received & Authorization Begins

Merchant receives authentication result and sends transaction for authentication.


Step 5:

Authentication Communicated

NymCard passes authentication result to card network.


Step 6:

Authentication Confirmed

Authentication result is confirmed & passed to NymCard.


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