On Cloud & On Prem

Nymcard understands the importance of certainty, stability, performance & economic efficiency, this is why we have built a cloud-agnostic platform that is optimized for any environment.

The Freedom to Build Where Ever & Whenever You Like

With Nymcard you can run in the cloud or on- prem giving you the flexibility to migrate and transfer data securely between multiple environments. 


The Building Blocks for A secure Foundation

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Cloud Agnostic

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Dynamic & Agile Installation

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Data Compliant To Your Regulatory Rules

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Upscale Or Downscale Based On Your Specific Needs

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Secure Server System Controls

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Flexibility To Transfer Into Multiple Environments

On Cloud

Cloud-based systems are more affordable; operating on a pay-as-you-go structure or a subscription-based offer that provides flexibility and opens up the gateway for new technology and workforce management systems.

On Prem

Setting up on-premise servers, firewalls, and storage requires substantial up-front costs. Mobile accessibility can pose an issue for on-premise deployments. These often require a third-party client to communicate between a mobile device and the on-premise software.

Get Building With NymCard

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