Platform features

Innovation in issuance & payments


User Centric Design & Open API
architecture to build the perfect
payment experience, without the
complexity of legacy issuer


Deploy new card programs and
payment solutions in weeks, not
months or years.


Launch virtual, plastic and tokenized
payment cards with flexibility for
single or multi-use. The platform is
highly customizable to support any
current or future payment experience.

Your bridge to digital payments

NymCard bridges the complex world of ISO-8583 systems and transforms it into simple
open json:api formats and SDK’s for payment innovators to work with

Bank / Fintech

Interconnects with both
legacy Banks and modern Fintech


Digital Issuer Processor

Payment Network

Connect to the latest
features from the payment networks
Visa | Mastercard | National Switches

Mobile Wallet

The NymCard Payments Wallet is customer driven and delivers an exceptional modern user experience. It is natively connected to NymCard’s issuing platform

Card Issuance & Processing

A modern payments platform should help customers apply for and receive ready to use financial products in a completely end-to-end digital process

Schemes API

The NymCard platform helps banks, issuers and merchants connect with APIs of the payment networks out of the box.

Operational Dashboard

Within NymCard Dashboards, intuitive design meets clever engineering, allowing you to get more work done, in less time.

On Cloud / On Prem

Have the flexibility to run NymCard where and when it’s right for your specific situation. NymCard’s modern platform is optimized for any environment—transient or persistent


We take security extremely seriously. Through rigorous security checks, safe data storage, employee screenings and compliance with every available regulation