Our Partners


To help financial institutions deliver the best possible mobile payment solutions, we’ve partnered with Visa to deliver their innovative technological capabilities.
NymCard is Visa Ready Certified for Visa Token Service (VTS) as NFC Issuer Wallet TR-TSP, enabling banks and card issuers to launch their mobile payment solutions based on Visa Token Service (VTS) through our multi-scheme SaaS solution.

We are part of the Visa Developer network, an open platform that provides access to hundreds of Visa APIs and software development kits for some of Visa’s most innovative payment products such as, and not limited to, payment methods, risk and fraud prevention, data processing and management of analytics and customized offers.


Through MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES), NymCard helps card issuing banks manage tokenization and digitisation by replacing Mastercard credit, debit card primary account number (PAN) numbers with secure digital tokens to enable both contactless and remote payment transactions. For better customer experience, MDES gives cardholders the choice and peace of mind to make secure digital payments from a variety of connected devices through a tap, touch, or click, anywhere and anytime.

NymCard is an approved Mastercard developer partner, leveraging the best out of the available API capabilities and delivering to end customers in a unique experience.