NymCard partners with Gate to Pay to power Jordan’s fintech ecosystem

04 Feb, 2023

NymCard, MENA’s leading BaaS provider and modern card issuing and processing platform partnered with Jordan’s Gate to Pay, the leading digital payment solutions provider and principal member with Visa and Mastercard, to power fast-track card issuing to accelerate growth of Jordan’s fintech sector.

Both companies are set to provide fintechs in Jordan with a fast-track solution to issue innovative payment cards. As such, the partnership aims to deliver a frictionless way of building and launching scalable and highly customizable card programs at unprecedented speed. 

Regulated by the Central Bank of Jordan as well as being a principal member with Visa and Mastercard, Gate to Pay will play integral role in supporting fintechs issue prepaid cards in Jordan. Additionally, NymCard will provide fintechs with a highly customizable and intuitive open API platform that enables them to build and launch card programs with no friction. 

NymCard and Gate to Pay’s collaboration seeks to address Jordan’s rising demand for digital banking use cases and business models that depend on modern card issuing platforms. Some of the evolving use cases in Jordan include Gig economy use cases, multi-currency wallets, money transfers, corporate expense cards, buy now pay later (BNPL) offerings, youth banking applications, among many others.

NymCard provides payment innovators with an intuitive dashboard and an API layer to build card programs according to any business logic.

“Our partnership with Gate to Pay is yet another huge milestone for our vision in the region. NymCard is enabling fintechs across MENA to build and launch scalable card programs at speed. We believe that providing the modern infrastructure as well as eliminating friction for innovators is a massive catalyst for digital adoption in Jordan.  We are very excited to have Gate to Pay as our partner to enable and scale Jordan’s fintech ecosystem,” said Omar Onsi, CEO and Founder of NymCard.

“Our Partnership with NymCard, sets a new core milestone within the local FinTech scene. Through our technology stack, and along with our local and global licenses , we are constantly developing in order to access new business channels, whilst providing tailored payment solutions for all entities. We are thrilled to be collaborating with NymCard and being part of delivering world-class fintech services,” said Yazan Hamdan, Head of Business at Gate to Pay. 

Gate to Pay delivers modern payment products and platforms, facilitating instant digital payments for partners all over the globe, through core pillars including issuance, acquiring, and money remittance services.


About NymCard:  

NymCard is a MENA-based BaaS provider of embedded finance. It offers a cloud-based or on soil modern payment issuing and processing platform allowing Fintechs, large enterprises, and banks with legacy platforms in the MENA region to instantly create, control, and distribute virtual or physical payment cards. NymCard is removing friction associated with old systems and complex regulatory processes enabling fintechs to focus on building their product proposition rather than deal with the payment rails infrastructure.  

NymCard’s open API platform and Sandbox can support multiple emerging use cases, including real-time payments, alternative authorization flows, multi-currency wallets, buy now pay later offerings, parent-child models among many others. NymCard’s mission is to enable companies to launch frictionless payment programs with their modern infrastructure at record speed in any market in MENA.



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