Payments Industry Leaders Join NymCard's Advisory Board

04 Feb, 2023

NymCard, the UAE-based BaaS provider of embedded finance announced the introduction of payment industry leaders Ram Chari and David Parker to its advisory board. The new advisors will leverage their wealth of experience in the payments industry to provide guidance and direction to the fintech’s executive team through its continued growth and development as a BaaS leader in the MENA region.

“We are very excited to welcome this duo of experienced leaders to guide our company through future phases of growth,” said Omar Onsi, CEO and Founder of NymCard. “Their combined expertise in key areas, such as BaaS and SaaS payment platforms as well as their experience in building and scaling businesses, will play a valuable role in guiding strategic decisions and bolster our client and stakeholder relationships. I am confident our advisors will create new and exciting opportunities and help strengthen NymCard’s commitment to being a leader in BaaS and embedded finance.”


NymCard’s advisory board will include Ram Chari who carries over 30 years of diverse experience in payments, software products, and technology. Chari held various positions in several large global and regional corporations namely American Express, DHL, Mastercard, and Network International. He specialized in commercializing and building business capabilities, products, and engaging top-level executives in international markets. He also worked as the first CEO of Network International till 2012. With a deep understanding of organizational growth and development, as well as a strong ability to identify barriers, resources, and opportunities, Chari successfully delivered the first USD 1 billion Middle East payments unicorn Network International in 2011. 


Additionally, NymCard also welcomed David Parker to its advisory board. As the Founder and CEO of Polymath Consulting, David extensively worked and provided organizational guidance for many companies in the Cards & Payments industry. David’s role in consultancy spans across the complete value chain helping banks with their overall E-Money/Prepaid and Emerging Payments strategies. He also supported Telco’s, Processors, and program managers on market entry analysis, segment analysis, and various certification and membership applications. Previously, David was based in the Middle East and the Far East for an extensive period giving him a good insight into the regions’ markets and people.


About NymCard:  

NymCard is a MENA-based BaaS provider of embedded finance. It offers a cloud-based or on soil modern payment issuing and processing platform allowing Fintechs, large enterprises, and banks with legacy platforms in the MENA region to instantly create, control, and distribute virtual or physical payment cards. NymCard is removing friction associated with old systems and complex regulatory processes enabling fintechs to focus on building their product proposition rather than deal with the payment rails infrastructure.  

NymCard’s open API platform and Sandbox can support multiple emerging use cases, including real-time payments, alternative authorization flows, multi-currency wallets, buy now pay later offerings, parent-child models among many others. NymCard’s mission is to enable companies to launch frictionless payment programs with their modern infrastructure at record speed in any market in MENA.



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