NymCard has expanded its operations to Egypt and has appointed Omar El Moataz as Country Manager.

05 Oct, 2022

NymCard has expanded its operations to Egypt and has appointed Omar El Moataz as Country Manager.

Today, the only MENA-based BaaS provider announced the addition of Country Manager Omar El Moataz, who has come from Mastercard to NymCard, to head its office and operations in Egypt. NymCard’s BaaS Infrastructure will be a core base for FinTech startups in Egypt to issue payment cards at speed and with less friction enabling innovative payment programs like BNPL, Corporate Expense, Youth Banking, SMEs…etc.

“Egypt’s FinTech ecosystem has seen extensive growth, becoming the 2nd country in the MENA region with regards to FinTech investments and concentration of FinTech startups. As we continue to mature as a company, we need people like Omar - who brings decades of experience leading business development in this space - focusing on building strong relationships and a strategic market positioning in one of MENA’s most important markets,” said Omar Onsi, Founder and CEO of NymCard

Omar El Moataz has previously led the business development team of Digital and Mobile Payments, driving the country’s digital transformation. He has supported a complete Payment Ecosystem with diversified use cases and partners by liaising with regulators and non-traditional payment players such as Telcos, Governments, MFIs, Fintechs, Insurance companies, Digital Merchants, FMCGs, Aggregators, and Agent networks. 

Omar El Moataz, NymCard’s Egypt Country Manager, said, “I’m thrilled to join NymCard, especially when I see the potential possibilities in front of us to connect NymCard’s product offering with emerging FinTechs who are yet to recognize the important role they play in growing financial inclusion and a digitized economy in Egypt and beyond. NymCard is experiencing a transformative period of growth, built on innovation in payments, and as we expand our footprint globally, I am excited about bringing my experience and passion to the company.”


About NymCard 

NymCard is the only MENA-based Banking as-a-Service (BaaS) provider that has built its tech stack from the ground up. They offer fintech and other industry innovators the infrastructure to plug and play ready finance into their application with just one integration and one partner. NymCard also supports emerging use cases, including gig economy, multi-currency wallets, money transfers, corporate expense cards, on-demand delivery services, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) offerings, and youth banking applications.



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